The Certified Master Builder of South Carolina program requires all candidates to complete an application and meet the minimum program standards. Please check out the benefits to being a master builder, the process for becoming a master builder, the requirements to become a master builder, and how to renew your master builder certification.

Education is the driving force behind the Certified Master Builders of South Carolina. All candidates must qualify through education and other strict requirements. To stay in the program, Certified Master Builders must complete continuing education each year.

Master Builders are the pioneers of the industry, raising the bar by increasing the level of professionalism and homeowner satisfaction. Master builders provide homeowners with greater peace of mind and confidence, assure they have the knowledge and skill to meet customer expectations, benefit from increased visibility due to statewide promotion of the program, and enjoy a different level of recognition which provides them with a competitive edge.

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Certified Master Builder Application


The process of becoming a Certified Master Builder can take a few short months. Just complete an application, collect all of the required documents, and drop it in the mail. Once the application is received and the information is validated, the Master Builder Committee will review the application and either accept or deny membership into the program.

1. Complete the necessary 20 credit hours of training

Complete 20 hours of education. This includes: NAHB Business Management for Building Professionals (8 hours), Building Codes (4 hours), Business Management Field (4 hours), and the Technical Field (4 hours). This requirement ensures Certified Master Builders have excellent business and building skills. Accredited courses can be taken through local HBAs in South Carolina and across the country. National Association of Home Builders and American Institute of Architects education courses are accepted.

2. Secure required reference letters

Reference letters from three customers, three suppliers and one bank proves the Certified Master Builder has a reputable business record.

3. Compile documentation of insurance, contract, warranty and recent construction projects

Certified Master Builders must provide proof of workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and a copy of the contract and warranty issued to their buyers. These documents prove that steps are in place to legally protect the customer and the builder or remodeler.

4. Compile documents including Education Credit Sheets and submit along with application

Certificates of completion, which are dispersed at the end of each class, should be submitted to prove the education credits are Certified Master Builder accredited.

5. Submit a completed application form

The application must be complete and signed by a current Certified Master Builder who will vouch for the candidate and the record. All information on the application is validated by HBA staff.


Being a Certified Master Builder has its benefits. First and foremost, you’ll benefit from the education requirement and the knowledge you’ll gain. Then, there are discounts that will help your bottom line.

Advertising and Marketing

The Certified Master Builder program gives back to its members. We promote the program and our members with television commercials, print ads, and a strong online presence. All Certified Master Builders are featured on with their contact information. See for more information.

Workers’ Comp Discount

A Workers’ Comp discount may be available through Builders Mutual Insurance. Please contact your local Builders Mutual agent for more information.

Pinnacle Awards Discounts

Enter your home into the HBASC Annual Pinnacle Awards at a discounted price. The Pinnacle Awards has categories for new homes, remodel projects, green building, and sales & marketing. Call the HBASC at (803) 771-7408.


Candidates must meet the following requirements to become a Master Builder of South Carolina:

  • Be a member in good standing of their local, state and national Home Builders Associations for at least two years.
  • Have successfully completed at least three major construction projects within the past two years, to the satisfaction of the SCMB committee. A major project is defined as the completion of a new home or any remodeling job consisting of multi-task improvements or the addition of living space. Successful completion means the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or the issuance of a final inspection in the case of remodeling.
  • Be licensed under either the South Carolina Contractors Licensing Board or under the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission.
  • Derive their principle income from the building (or a related contracting) industry for a period of no less than five years.
  • Be sponsored by a South Carolina Master Builder member in good standing.
  • Offer at least a minimum written contract on all building and remodeling projects with approved arbitration and disclaimer clauses.
  • Issue at least a one-year written limited warranty on all newly constructed projects.
  • Carry South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Insurance (submit annual certificates of all Workers’ Compensation Insurance), and maintain Liability Insurance.
  • Submit references from:
    • three customers
    • three suppliers or subcontractors
    • one financial institution
  • Complete 20 hours of initial training. This includes: NAHB Business Management for Building Professionals (8 hours), Building Codes (4 hours), Business Management Field (4 hours), and the Technical Field (4 hours).  The candidate will have up to 36 consecutive months prior to the application date in which NAHB designation courses (CGB or CGR) may be completed, and may also be used toward the initial 20 hours of required training.
  • Sign a SC Master Builder agreement indicating continued compliance with all minimum standards.

To maintain the SC Master Builder designation the candidate must:

  • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education annually. Courses sponsored by the state or local HBAs and approved by the Education Committee or NAHB designation classes may be used towards the maintenance education.


Keeping your Certified Master Builder designation is simple. Renewal is annual and occurs in the quarter that you became a Certified Master Builder. Example: John Doe became a Certified Master Builder on April 1. John must provide proof of the renewal requirements during the second quarter (April-June).

Renewal Requirements:

  • Maintain the HBASC membership in good standing
  • Have a lein free record
  • Complete at least 10 hours of continuing education in either the business management field, the technical field, or any combination of the two fields
  • Provide proof of workers’ comp insurance
  • Provide proof of liability insurance
  • Sign and return a renewal form, along with the annual renewal fee

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina staff issues renewal notices via e-mail. If renewals are not received by the end of the specified quarter, then staff will continue to notify you once every thirty days. After 90 days, your designation will be revoked.